Helpful Information

v  There is a smoke detector in each bedroom, and two additional detectors in the common areas.
v  The air conditioning and heating unit, as well as all appliances are electric.
v  There are no pilot lights, no gas lines, no carbon monoxide risk.
v  There are ample off street parking places for each tenant.
v  A lawn mowing/landscape maintenance service is provided by the owner at no extra charge.
v  Quarterly pest control services are also provided by the owner at no additional charge.
v  High speed ethernet connections are run throughout the house and to each bedroom. You will simply need to call SuddenLink to connect internet service.
v  All appliances are provided and maintained by the owner. This list includes: Washer/Dryer, Refrigerator, Dishwasher, Oven, Stove.
v  Each house features dead bolt locks and security lighting.
v  Each house features a security system.

Contact Information for utilities and other needed services:
Cable TV & Internet SuddenLink 979-846-2229
Utility Connections City of College Station 979-764-3535
Garbage Pickup City of College Station 979-764-3690
Phone Verizon 800-483-4000

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