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Northwestern State University

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About Us

Active-Med is an innovative company whose goal is to provide university athletic departments and their medical providers with the most efficient, competent, dedicated and economical medical services for their student athletes.

Active-Med is located in Alexandria, Louisiana and was organized in 1998 to address the problems with athletic healthcare at Northwestern State University (NSU). The success of the company is demonstrated by a continued contract renewal of 12 consecutive years at NSU.


The mission of is to provide a cost effective and operationally efficient alternative to traditional accident insurance policies for small college athletic programs in the southern United States.


Active-Med will strive to be the customer's first and best choice in value-added athletic healthcare coverage by becoming collaborative partners with all participants, including athletes, schools, coaches, parents, and providers.


Active-Med has defined the principles of our organization that will guide the company and make us unique. These Values demonstrate the basis of our decision making to our employees and customers.
  • Commitment  Active-Med is committed to provide high quality and efficiency in an innovative and cost effective manner
  • Teamwork   Active-Med will use a collaborative approach for the provision of services to schools and athletes
  • Integrity   Active-Med will maintain the highest level of personal and professional conduct, and always act in an ethical and honest manner, with fairness and consistency in all relationships
  • Quality of Care   Active-Med will be the leader and standard for sports medicine care by empowering team physicians to bring value and quality of care to all participants
  • Excellence Active-Med will have the highest standards of service and performance, and will exceed the expectations of all those we work with.
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