Your Dental Plan
Louisiana Tech University is proud to offer dental benefits for university employees and their families from Cigna.

Highlights of the Cigna Dental Plan at Louisiana Tech:
  • Orthodontia is available to dependent children, $1000 lifetime max per person
  • Routine exams / cleanings every six months covered at 100% of Usual and Customary
  • LOW rates
  • Can use any dentist – possible savings if using network provider
  • PPO Plan
Why You Need A Dental Insurance Plan
Oral health and general health should not be interpreted as separate entities. Oral health is a critical component of health and must be included in the provision of health care. We all know that good dental care is important…but we also know that it can sometimes be expensive. With the Cigna plan, you can be assured you will have access to care at a very reasonable cost.

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Balance Billing:
If you receive care from a dentist and that dentist who charges more than the maximum amount for a specific procedure, you are responsible for the difference between what the dentist charges you and Cigna’s maximum amount. This is called “Balance Billing”.

How does the plan work?
1. Once services are performed, you or your dentist must file a claim form in order to receive reimbursement.
2. Your claim will be paid based on your group’s schedule of benefits. Benefits will be payable after your deductible and coinsurance (if applicable) are satisfied. Your plan also has an annual limit on benefits available.

How do I get more information on the plan?
Click on the left side bar to view the plan brochure, rates, claims information, and much more.

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Important Phone Numbers
Group Claim Office

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2018 Dental Rates
Employee - $37.98
Emp + Spouse - $64.22
Emp + Child(ren) - $69.43
Family - $103.27

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Your Costs:
The usual & customary charge is determined by weighing the complexity of the treatment, and the fee most commonly charged for that service in your dentist’s specific geographic area. Claims payment is based on the usual & customary charge for each procedure; this is the maximum amount that Cigna will pay. The benefit will be calculated based on the dentist’s submitted fee or the usual & customary amount, whichever is less.

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