MedBusiness Manager

The MedBusiness Manager is a secure, HIPAA compliant website used by physicians' offices to manage day-to-day activities related to many business aspects of their practice. It is the main gateway, or "portal" used to access all of the products and is available by using only a browser and a connection to the Internet; there is no software to purchase or install.

Although the Manager contains fifteen modules, eligibility is by far the most popular. The eligibility module allows the physician's office to connect directly to the insurance company's computers and find out whether a particular patients' insurance card is valid or not at that particular time. For some carriers it also show the other details about the patient's insurance, such as the amount of the deductible, coinsurance, and other details related to their managed care plan, such as their primary care physician. Besides the obvious time-savings benefits vs calling the carrier on the phone, the Analyzer typically shows that approximately 6% of revenues are lost because of eligibility issues, causing this feature to have direct bottom line advantages for the office.

Another module that is becoming more popular as the new HIPAA regulations approach is the secure messaging module. HIPAA (as it now stands) does not allow the use of email for any communication related to patient care, whether it is between providers, their staff, or between providers and patients. Secure messaging is a system that is similar to email but is completely secure - meaning all transactions are encrypted and electronic mechanisms are in place to make sure messages only go to the intended recipients. To use the secure messaging system you must be on the network. For the custom websites has created for some providers this module is included for secure messaging between the physicians' office and the patient.

Other popular features of MedBusiness manager include:

Secure File Transfer - as required by HIPAA, allows secure file transfer of any types of files. Can be used between physicians, staff members, or patients.

Scheduler - on-line scheduler that can be accessed by any of the office staff at home, office, hospital, or anywhere that has an Internet connection.

TDI Complaint Form - allows access to the Texas Dept. of Insurance web-based complaint form to get immediate action on problem insurance companies

Patient Satisfaction Survey - form patients fill out on line after visiting the doctor that allows them to answer questions based on their visit - results are tabulated and available on the site.

Linkbase - extensive lists of Internet resources for clinical information on various topics; critiqued by Health Education experts to save time in evaluation of the information

Coding Resources - query tools for codes used to process insurance claims

Electronic Bulletin Board - used to post notices, schedules, policies, etc. for clinic staff only to see - helps keep good communication among large office staffs.

Time Clock - allows staff to "punch in and out" from anywhere they work - calculates hours and assists with payroll.

Refill and Appointment Requests - allows patients to request appointments or refill requests online.

The MedBusiness Manager is available separately or part of the MedBusiness Workplace. In order to use the MedBusiness Tracker, a subscription to manager is necessary. MedBusiness manager is constantly being updated to take advantage of new technology, changes in the law, and suggestions from current users.